Thoughts on Double-Timing It

Two days before Christmas, I did this to my car. It was completely my fault, and adding insult to injury (actually, my injury was only a bruised leg and a stiff shoulder), I was ticketed for not yielding right of way. And we had to pay for the damage repair. And we lost our good driver … Continue reading Thoughts on Double-Timing It

Years and Cheers: Hold Your Head High, 48

Yesterday was my birthday and I spent an hour of it in the dentist's chair. By choice. I'm not proud of myself for scheduling a dentist appointment on my birthday and so I'm overanalyzing why I would do this. It helped that my friend in Ghana, Isaac, sent me a  message yesterday morning with birthday … Continue reading Years and Cheers: Hold Your Head High, 48

Elves, Shelves, and Bearded Old Men

Santa has disappeared from our house. By that, I mean that we no longer have children who believe that Santa climbs down the chimney, delivers the gifts, and eats the cookies. Here's a secret: I'm a little bit happy about that. Once the older two kids finally swallowed hard and accepted reality, it was hard … Continue reading Elves, Shelves, and Bearded Old Men

Is Anyone Out There Listening?

When Kyle and I started dating in college, I would often ask him this question during a long stretch of silence: "So...hey, what are you thinking about?" His answer: "Nothing." "Come on, you were thinking about something. Do you just not want to share it?" "I wasn't thinking about anything." My thought: He's lying. For several years, … Continue reading Is Anyone Out There Listening?

Time Flies When You’re in a Rut

Summer is coming, and if it's like every other summer of my adulthood it will last about three minutes. It seems like I'm buying beach towels one week and school uniforms the next. What has happened to the endless summer? These years, every season seems to be over before I've unloaded all my clothes and … Continue reading Time Flies When You’re in a Rut

What People Think About My Daughter

I suppose that those of us who have children of different ethnic backgrounds are paying close attention to the Trayvon Martin story that broke a few weeks ago. If we aren't, we should be. There are hundreds of thoughts that are swirling around my head about this issue, but I'm going to condense them into … Continue reading What People Think About My Daughter