Ghana String Art by Emmanuel

If you haven’t read the story of Emmanuel’s string art and how I got involved with a Kumasi street artist, read it first.  Emmanuel has agreed to give a portion of the proceeds from this art to the Ankaase SDA Computer Lab. You can read all about that here. I love these pieces. String art is a very intricate craft from Ghana and Nigeria. This type of string art is rarely seen in the West, which is what makes these pieces so unique.

There are two sizes of string art: Large is 18w and 24h; Small is 11 1/2w and 16 3/4h.

Value of the large pieces are $250 each; small pieces, $100 each.

If you are interested in purchasing and would like to discuss price, or if you would like to see them in person, contact me.

Large Pieces:

SA #2
SA #2
SA #4
SA #4
SA #5

(The dark smudge on this is on the plastic wrap, not the art)

Small pieces:

SA #7
SA #8
SA #9
SA #10
SA #11

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